Susan Hislop for Heckington Rural

23 Feb 2024

The Liberal Democrats are pleased to announced that local campaigner Susan Hislop will be the Liberal Democrat candidate at the upcoming Heckington Rural by-election. 

From Heckington to Great Hale, Susan enjoys meeting people and getting things done for our area. Having lived in Lincolnshire for many years, Susan knows what life is like for many in our area. Currently Heckington Rural has one Conservative councillor, and is in the Conservative-controlled North Kesteven District Council.

Susan Hislop commented: “I love living in our corner of Lincolnshire. Our villages have given me a career and a family - I want to give something back. Though a great place to live, we currently get a poor deal."

“As your local councillor, I’d work hard on the things that matter to residents. From potholes to policing, I hope to stand up for our villages and ensure that our area has a strong voice at the Council.”

Residents in Heckington Rural Ward have the chance this March to vote for change. The election will be Thursday 21st March, polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm.

Susan Hislop