City of Lincoln Council leader resigns

16 Jan 2024

Responding to news that Council Leader Cllr Ric Metcalfe is standing down as ward councillor for Glebe, Councillor Clare Smalley, Leader of Lincoln's Liberal Democrats Group said: “We'd like to thank Ric for his dedicated service to residents of Glebe and Lincoln. He has led our city through a great number of challenges, from the pandemic to the cost of living crisis. 

“Nonetheless, we are pleased that, following a number of recent mis-steps in his leadership, including the fiasco over the cancellation of the Christmas Market that there is now an opportunity for change in leadership in Lincoln.

“It remains to be seen whether or not Cllr Metcalfe left of his own volition or was pushed, but the timing does not suggest a carefully planned departure - particularly given his public statement last month saying he intended to carry on.”

Lib Dem Glebe Ward campaigner, James Brown said: “Like us he will have been hearing on the doorstep that the writing is on the wall for Labour in Glebe ward in May’s local elections, following our victory in the ward last year, and it appears he would rather quit now than be defeated at the ballot box in May.

“The Lib Dem team have been out speaking with residents and fixing issues previously ignored by Glebe's absent Labour councillors. We are buoyant as we approach May's local elections - but taking nothing for granted.”

City of Lincoln council