NHS must fund HIV prevention drug prophylaxis

The HIV preventative drug prophylaxis should be made available on the NHS for high-risk groups including gay men and BAME communities, the Liberal Democrats have urged.

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Tories must reverse cuts to school budgets not open grammar schools - Farron

Responding to Theresa May's plans for a wave of new grammar schools, Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

"If the Conservatives care about our children's education they should reverse their cuts to school budgets. We need to improve all schools not just let some become grammars. Too many pupils are let down by a divisive system that doesn't work.

"The Conservatives have to stop harking back to a bygone era - grammar schools are not the answer to raising standards in our children's schools."


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Catherine Bearder explains why we have to win this Referendum

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder explains why it is vital that we win this EU Referendum.

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What's Best for Britain

Today is Europe Day.

Watch why staying In Europe is so important for Britain and then join our campaign today here:


Norman Lamb talks about Drugs Reform

Norman Lamb talks about the urgent need for reform to Britain's drug laws.

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Tim Farron's Speech to Spring Conference

Tim Farron MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, gives his Spring Conference speech. He talks about the fight against unfairness and lack of opportunity, mistreatment of Afghan interpreters and Liberal Democrats plan for a better, brighter Britain.

Farron challenges Teresa May to accept refugee children - Andrew Marr Interview

Tim Farron discussed Liberal Democrats campaigns for community politics and calling on the government to #save3000 child refugees from trafficking and exploitation on the Andrew Marr Show. Broadcast: 24th April 2016

Farron urges MPs to stand up for refugee children

Ahead of the key vote on Monday on whether the UK should offer sanctuary to 3,000 child refugees, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has written to every MP calling on them to put party politics aside and ‘stand up for humanity’.

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Local Manifesto Launched to build a better Lincoln

Today sees the launch of the Lincoln Liberal Democrats' manifesto which will aim to build a better Lincoln for all.

The manifesto covers the issues of housing, the local economy, quality of life, transport, the enviroment and democracy with the aim to ensure the focus is on local residents getting a better Lincoln.

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