Tories must reverse cuts to school budgets not open grammar schools - Farron

Responding to Theresa May's plans for a wave of new grammar schools, Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

"If the Conservatives care about our children's education they should reverse their cuts to school budgets. We need to improve all schools not just let some become grammars. Too many pupils are let down by a divisive system that doesn't work.

"The Conservatives have to stop harking back to a bygone era - grammar schools are not the answer to raising standards in our children's schools."


Mike Storey, Liberal Democrat Lords Education Spokesperson, added:

“The Conservatives know if they bring forward any legislation for grammar schools we will block it in the Lords.  The Liberal Democrats are the party of education and we believe in opportunity for all.  We believe in an open, tolerant and united society and not the rose tinted view of a few right wing Tories that belongs in another age.”

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