Ross Pepper: My Personal Pledge To You

My personal pledge to you.

I have been involved in the community for some time and this by-election has given me the opportunity to speak to many local people about their issues and concerns.  The sheer range of topics that people want to talk about is impressive and I will do my best to pick each of them up and deal with them properly.

But more than anything else, I have heard that people want a new type of local MP.  To that end, I have drawn up five personal pledges of my own that will guide how I act as your MP and the sort of service you will be able to expect if I am elected.

It is far from an exhaustive list, but hopefully gives you some insight into how I will work, and the ways in which I will be available all year round, not just at election time.  See what you think,

1. Listening to local people and standing up for local services will be my first duty.

2. I will host local specialist policy conferences for local groups such as GPs, Teachers, Clergy and Farmers to hear local issues first hand.

3. I will take my MP advice surgeries to all villages over the course of the year.

4. I will report back on my work and voting record in Westminster.

5. I will work with everyone in the local area and not just those who vote for me in this election.

The final point I will make, is that I know just how diverse this constituency is - urban and rural, young and old, new and long standing, able bodied and with disability, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender and more.  There are local people from other countries, communities and traditions - and I say to everyone who lives here within Sleaford and North Hykeham - you are welcome here, and if you trust me to be your MP I will not let you down.

Thank you,


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