Europe: By Ross Pepper

For me the referendum was a very clear decision - I voted Remain.

I want opportunities for all of my family, a future where they could work, study and travel without need of visa, permission or division. For many people the chance to work abroad and travel across and within Europe is one of the experiences that equips our young people for the challenge in the rest of their lives.

Every single farmer and local trader will tell you just how crucial the single market is to them. I know how many people round here work for small and medium sized businesses - I am really worried about the risk to their jobs. If Brexit is badly thought through or foolishly rushed by this Government local people will suffer.

In addition, the research and development for farming, agriculture and science is a significant employer in this area. The important of agri-science must not be underestimated. Several firms have contacted me worried that the best and brightest will be recruited by other competitors abroad. If we leave the Single Market or Brexit is implemented crudely and badly this industry will suffer.

Living in Lincolnshire we have so many former and current airbases all round us. So you and I know the absolute importance of working with our neighbours and allies, and of peace in Europe, and what that means for our country and our uniformed services.

There are so many issues that we must work together with our neighbours and allies across Europe:
· climate change and the shared responsibility of tackling flooding;
· teaching and learning across the university sector that has seen Lincoln University grow to a successful reality;
· shared intelligence between our police and crime fighting agencies to stop fraud, cyber crime and even terrorism;
· and lastly, but just as important to us as a country, a seat around the table of the nations of Europe pursuing the values of tolerance, inclusion and human rights.

These are my values, if they are yours, please support me with your vote on Thursday 8th December.

I will work hard as your MP, to be a positive voice and never let you down.

Thank you,



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