Liberal Democrats set out plan to build 300,000 homes

Liberal Democrats have announced plans to build 300,000 more homes a year and ensure everyone has a decent place to live.

The manifesto plans announced by Nick Clegg include:

  • Bringing forward at least 10 new garden cities in England providing tens of thousands of high quality new homes.
  • Direct government commissioning of private house building to ensure houses are built at sufficient speed and have proper infrastructure and services.
  • A new Housing Investment Bank to provide long term capital for major new developments.
  • New Rent to Own homes where your monthly payments steadily buy you a stake in your house.
  • New Help to Rent scheme to help millions of young people put down a deposit to rent their first property.


Commenting the Parliamentary Candidate for Lincoln Ross Pepper said:

"Liberal Democrats believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a decent home at a cost they can afford.  

 "That's why we have increased house building in government but we want to go much further.

 "And we will help young people who want a home of their own with radical plans to help them buy or rent."

The Lincoln Parliamentary candidate also went on to reinforce the local party's opposition to the plans by the local Labour run Council to introduce an Article 4 directive, which would put in place measures to control Homes of Multiple Occupancy in parts of the city.

Ross Pepper said:

"We believe Article 4 to be detrimental to students and also young professionals who are struggling to get on to the property ladder.

"We feel it would be unlikely to solve many of the issues residents have that are attributed to HMOs and preferred a scheme were all new and existing landlords for rental properties would need to be accredited, thereby ensuring high standards for all rental property across the city."

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