Lincolnshire's Health Crisis Deepens

Following his visit to Sleaford and North Hykeham on Friday, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats has released an unprecedented open letter addressed to the people of Lincolnshire.

The letter, also jointly signed by former Party leaders Nick Clegg, Ming Campbell and Paddy Ashdown calls for the people of Lincolnshire to use this Thursday's by-election as a chance to be heard.

In particular Mr Farron and his colleagues cite the suspension of Neurology in Lincoln, Grantham and Boston; the closure of Grantham A&E in the evening and the failings of the East Midlands Ambulance Services.

Ross Pepper, the Liberal Democrat candidate said: "I have never known four party leaders to jointly speak out like this and I'm deeply proud that they recognise the scale of crisis we are facing here in Lincolnshire.  Their letter is very strong, but it's good news for local residents that they are taking such an interest in the collapse in service and calling for change."

The letter in full is below:

It has just emerged that the NHS has suspended the Neurology units in Lincolnshire at Lincoln, Grantham and Boston Pilgrim Hospitals due to staffing issues.

This follows the closure of Grantham Hospital Accident and Emergency Unit after 6.30pm every evening.  Further, since April, ambulances have had to wait outside Lincoln Hospital for between 2 and 4 hours on over 400 occasions!

We make an impassioned and unprecedented plea.  You, local residents, do not have to put up with the Government underfunding and undermining your NHS services. 

The Conservative Party has taken you for granted for too long.  This level of service is worrying, dangerous and putting lives at risk.

You deserve better and the Government needs to stop and listen to you.

On Thursday you can vote for a new MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham.  This is your chance to be heard.  We urge you to support Ross Pepper this Thursday.

Yours sincerely

Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
and former Liberal Democrat Party Leaders: Nick Clegg, Ming Campbell, Paddy Ashdown


Any questions relating to this statement should be addressed to Ed Fordham or Ian Horner on 01529 309 386.

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