Ross Pepper's campaign postcard 2

Lots of things are spoken about places people don't know - usually based on stereotypes or prejudice.  And I find that this is very true across the country when people talk about my home county of Lincolnshire. 

Despite the claims of some this is not 'Brexit central' - far from it.  This is a settled, rural classic British county - two large settlements, a number of larger villages and a score and more of small villages and hamlets.

Lincolnshire is known to many as Bomber County and the RAF tradition is still very much alive and strong here.  The Remembrance Day services are well attended, very special events.  The towns and villages quite literally stop at 11am on the eleventh day in November to remember those conflicts and the loss and damage.


So in just 9 days time, the parliamentary constituency of Sleaford and North Hykeham will be asked to elected a new Member of Parliament.  After the recent Europe Referendum the local MP, having argued for Brexit, resigned because he fell out with his own Government over the way they were conducting the hard Brexit plans.  Now, in a move of brazen repetition the Conservative Party is asking local people to elect another Brexit Tory MP and to try again.

My response is very simple: it's time for a change and time that local people stood up and were counted.  For too long the Conservatives have take us for granted, assumed that they would always win and that this area was in their own words "Brexit County".  Well next Thursday I am asking the 40% of the local population who voted Remain to come together and to support me to be the new MP.

The European Union, the European ideal, was founded out of the wreckage of World War Two.  The RAF traditions and legacies and indeed active stations, stand as daily reminders of the role of Lincolnshire played in fighting that conflict and in securing that peace in Europe.  I am not prepared to stand idly by whilst the Tories propel us over the brink in a hard Brexit.

If you value the peace we have enjoyed, remember the sacrifice, understand the high price of conflict and appreciate the value of being outward looking and positive then I ask for your vote.  I hope that with your support, we might give the Conservative Government an election result so stunning that they are forced to stop and think again.  I hope that you will take the time to go out and vote.  Thank you.

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