We are the local Liberal Democrat party covering the Lincoln and Sleaford and North Hykeham Constituencies.

We campaign across this region in order to create a open, united and tolerant Britain and to enable opportunity for everyone across our part of Lincolnshire and beyond.

Executive Committee

The local party is governed by an executive committee, the committee for 2018 is:


Natasha Chapman

Tel: 07428 746 127
Email: natasha.chapman@lsnhlibdems.org.uk


Andy Byrne

Tel: 07765 867 569
Email: andy.byrne@lsnhlibdems.org.uk


Kian Hearnshaw


Oliver Craven

Membership Development Officer

Ross Pepper

Tel: 07821 445473
Email: ross.pepper@lsnhlibdems.org.uk

Data Officer

Diana Catton

Tel: 07506 402 188
Email: diana.catton@lsnhlibdems.org.uk

Young Liberal Coordinator

Stephen Lonsdale

Tel: 07464 937 804 
Email: stephen.lonsdale@lsnhlibdems.org.uk

General Executive Members

James Brown

Corinne Bryon

Susan Hislop

Clare Smalley

Tony Richardson

George Tipler

Parliamentary Spokespeople

Caroline Kenyon - Lincoln

Ross Pepper - Sleaford & North Hykeham

Honorary President

Ada Trethewey