A statement from Matthew Holden

A personal statement from Matthew following the birth of his son.

On Friday 1st May I was at Witham St Hughs about to take part in a General Election debate, I arrived at 1820hours.

At 1830hours I had a call from my partner to say that she was going in to labour and that she needed to get to hospital. Needless to say I left the debate rather quickly and got my partner to Nottingham City Hospital at 2000hours.

At 2119hours my second son was born.


Since that phone call at 1830hours my focus has been to care for my partner and my boys. As a result I have very little time to knock on doors, answer emails and update social media in the final days of the election. On this I make no apology as my family will always come first.

On May 7th please turn out and vote for the person and the party that best represents you.

Thank you


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